Ctc per il Sociale

Area dedicata ai progetti con finalità sociale sostenuti dal Consorzio. Caratteristica di C.T.C. è infatti quella di collaborare con numerose Associazioni impegnate in attività solidali >>

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31/12/2014 Conclusione della Fase di Ricapitalizzazione

 Al 31/12/2014 si conclusa la fase di ricapitalizzazione del CTC

22/01/2015 Aggiornamento Elenco Soci

 A seguito della ricapitalizzazione è variato il numero delle cooperative aderenti al CTC

02/02/2015 Deliberato Ingresso Nuovi Soci

 Ingresso di due nuove associate nel CTC

Consorzio Toscano Cooperative

since 30 years a different way to manage a company

Established in 1980 in a dynamic entrepreneurial setting such as the Tuscan Cooperatives Movement, C.T.C., which is a consortium of 14 Cooperative Societies, today represents one of the more solid and well established Tuscan business realities.

The on-going research for innovative solutions which answers to the demands of an ever-changing market has brought C.T.C. to integrate the traditional building industry with both design and service industries. Today the Consortium with its several areas of competence can cover all the supply chain of Complex Projects and can therefore offer several services such as General Contractor, Global Service, Real Estate Leasing and Project Financing.

Construction and Management of Hospital Complexes, Logistic and Industrial Planning, Hotels, Malls for some of the most important European large retailers, Restorations and Urban Renovations, Green Areas Maintenance, Public Buildings, represent just some areas of expertise of the Consortium.

CTC is involved in an on-going research for new manufacturing processes and new design models to attain sustainable buildings, as far as both the social and the environmental facets are concerned.